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I have some concerns about my child's development, but I'm not sure they need therapy. What should I do? 
If you're concerned about your child's development, please talk with your child's pediatrician.  They can help guide you on the next steps,.  If you're still concerned, we would be happy to help.  We can schedule a FREE screening to help identify any areas of concern, review your child's medical history, and make recommendations and referrals as needed.  

My child's pediatrician has recommended services, what's the next step? 

We're excited to work with your child and family! Please contact the Pediatric Learning Center, Inc. (901-290-8558) to make sure we have received the referral from your child's pediatrician. Once we have your contact information, a link to our Intake form will be sent to you via email.  We will also contact your pediatrician's office for a prescription for the evaluation and treatment for your child (if you don't already have one). We will also verify your funding source for eligibility and coverage of services. Once we have your Intake paperwork, prescription for services, and approval from your insurance company; then your child's therapist will contact you to schedule the initial session. 


Which insurance companies do you work with? 

The Pediatric Learning Center, Inc. is currently an in-network provider for the following insurances: United Healthcare, UMR, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, BlueCare, and TennCare Select. We are also a Vendor for Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS).  We also accept private pay if your insurance does not cover pediatric therapy. 


Do you work with TEIS (Tennessee Early Intervention System? 

Yes!  We are a therapy provider for TEIS. Please talk with your TEIS Service Coordinator if you're interested in receiving services with the Pediatric Learning Center, Inc. 

Why do you contact my insurance company? 

The Pediatric Learning Center, Inc. is committed to providing the best care for all families, and this includes being sure that your family is not placed under financial stress due to receiving therapy for your child. We want all families to be aware of any out-of-pocket costs that may occur before services are rendered. 

How often will my child need therapy? 

The amount of therapy that your child will receive is based on your child’s specific needs that are determined by the evaluating therapist. The therapist will include recommendations for therapy in your child’s report; this report will also include specific goals that your child will be working towards during therapy sessions.

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