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1. TEAM APPROACH – The Pediatric Learning Center, Inc.  utilizes a comprehensive team approach. Therapists, teachers, and other pediatric professionals work together to address the needs of each child and family.

2. WHOLE CHILD – Everyone learns in different ways. We provide services that address the whole child to encourage development within a variety of learning styles.

3. ADVOCACY AND EDUCATION – As therapists and teachers, we seek to empower parents by providing education and training to the families. In doing so, we are helping them to become advocates for their child.

4. CHILD CENTERED PLAY-BASED LEARNING – Play is an essential part of a child’s learning and development. Our therapists and teachers utilize a child-centered play-based therapy approach to address specific goals and objectives for social interactions, motor skills, self-help, cognitive and language development.

5. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND OUTREACH – Our services are provided in Shelby and Tipton counties. Our therapists and teachers are able to interact with, educate and train parents and teachers in a variety of community settings. Our outreach services allow us to serve more children and families in the child’s most natural learning environment.

6. INTERAGENCY COLLABORATION – By collaborating with local universities and community programs, we are able to provide opportunities for clinical trainings, research, and maintain the most current evidence-based practices throughout our programs.

7. INCLUSION – As therapists and teachers, we believe that inclusion is the full and active participation of children with special needs in activities with their typically developing peers. Our programs and services have been created to be inclusive for all children to enhance their functional skills and abilities.

8. PERSONAL TOUCH – Our services are individualized to meet the needs of each child and family.

9. INTEGRITY – Our therapists and teachers value honesty and respect. We believe in honest answers to honest questions.

10. COMMUNICATION – Communication is an essential part of a team approach. While maintaining confidentiality, we value communication among our team of pediatric professionals, the families we serve and other professionals in the community.

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